Eau Claire Police investigating alleged use of counterfeit money

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- It may not be an uncommon for a business in Eau Claire to see hundreds, if not thousands, of customers each day.

But on Friday a fraud group, according to Eau Claire Police, tried to pass off counterfeit $100 bills in at least seven different businesses.

"Fraud groups like this can victimize the individual business, but also the patrons at those businesses. So we take cases like this very seriously. We have detectives trained specifically in fraud investigation that may go out on a case of this nature if they are available. And our patrol officers are also trained on how to spot counterfeit currency," said Eau Claire Police Public Information Officer Bridget Coit.

While Coit says people trying to pass off fake money doesn't happen that often in Eau Claire, she says there are ways to make sure a business knows what to do if they take in a potential fake bill.

"The businesses in town, most of them do a very good job of training their employees. They're using the pens to mark the cash if needed. They're really paying attention to the feel of the bills, that's a big sign as well. As well as the borders and quality of printing and sometimes what the bills are directly saying on themselves," said Coit.

Police say it was descriptions from store employees, as well as dispatchers, which helped them realize a fraud group was around.

"Unknown which type of businesses the suspects were targeting and why, but it does seem to be in a geographically close area and kind of our business district of town," said Coit.

Early Friday evening, police say they arrested four suspects tied to the alleged passing of fake money.

Eau Claire police are still investigating and if any other businesses believe they were targeted by this group, they say contact law enforcement as soon as possible.