UPDATE: Some members unaware of resignation by Eau Claire City Council president

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- One chair sat empty Tuesday night in Eau Claire City Council Chambers. City Council President Kerry Kincaid turned in her resignation; a shock to many as City Manager Dale Peters announced it at the meeting.

Some city council members say they had no idea Kincaid would be stepping down today; the Vice President Andrew Werthmann says some of them didn't even know until they got to Tuesday night’s meeting.

Kerry Kincaid is a name that will no longer be heard during roll call at Eau Claire City Council meetings.

“A few showed up and didn't even know our council president had resigned,” Werthmann said.

Tuesday, Kincaid who has led the city council since 2009 and was recently re-elected in April, was nowhere to be seen.

“It was simple statement,” Peters said.

A simple statement turned in Tuesday morning that Peters says they'll continue to explore on how to fill this roll.

“We would anticipate having an agenda item on the council’s agenda at their next meeting which will provide a path forward for the council to fill that vacancy,” Peters said.

In the meantime, Werthmann will be taking over; he's looking to guide the council moving forward, as the majority of members who fill the seats are new to the game.

“Clearly, the voters sent a very strong message about the leadership they want to see moving forward and our ability to respond to that is really at the front and center,” Werthmann said. “I’m hoping we can look forward. “

It's a resignation Peters says he's never seen before, as a chair now sits empty in city council chambers.

“To my memory, this is the first time we've had a president vacancy to fill,” Peters said. “So there are some nuances that have to be reviewed and addressed with filling a council president vacancy as compared to a general council position that would be vacant.”

In Kincaid’s resignation letter to the city, she does say, "it was an honor to have helped build a city that worked."

Again, they're hoping to have a plan in place to fill her vacancy by the next legislative council session.

Eau Claire City Council president Kerry Kincaid has stepped down.

It was announced at tonight's meeting.

Kincaid has served as council president since 2009 and on the council since 2004.

She was last elected in 2017 and was in the middle of a three-year term at the time of Tuesday’s resignation.

WEAU 13 News will have reaction from council members Tuesday at on WEAU 13 news at 10 p.m.