Eau Claire homeowners experience flooded basements as snow melts

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Melting snow is causing huge headaches for Eau Claire homeowners as many are experiencing significant flooding in their basements.

Neighbors at the Mill Ridge Estates were working to re-route the melting snow away from their window wells in order to stop the water from breaking glass or even just seeping through cracks.

When Geraldine Kunkel woke up Thursday morning she found herself with an unwanted pond in her basement.

“I was frightened at first,” said Kunkel. “It just surprised me. I just couldn't believe this was happening.”

“It's devastating, it's devastating and it's a nightmare,” added Kunkel’s daughter Susan Marcott.

Kunkel's basement window broke as melted snow pushed against the glass leaving her standing in about three inches of water.

“I'm nervous and feel like crying and just about everything,” said Kunkel.

Kunkel says because she doesn't live in a flood zone they didn't get flood insurance which means none of the damage from the water is covered.

Marcott explained, “My mom is going to have to fix this place up again and she has no insurance now because her insurance company won't cover us. She's a retired person that doesn't have that kind of money.”

Marcott said her husband was using a front loading tracker outside the home to create a route for the melting snow away from the window wells.

“He's trying to make a different route for the water coming off the hill. He's trying to make it so it runs into the culvert that runs along the road. They've already been out here once today, the county, to unplug the culvert and I'm hoping it's still unplugged otherwise a lot of these people will get flooding,” said Marcott.

Kunkel's next door neighbor Chris Roedger says flooded window wells also dumped about three inches of water in his basement.

“We've had flooding in our basement, obviously you see all kinds of jammed up stuff in here. The roofs are melting, all the water is coming down and the water isn't going anywhere,” said Roedger.

Now Roedger says all they can do is try to bail out the water in their wells and hope the melting snow stays flowing into the culvert.

He added, “We had a lot of snow this winter, just got to deal with it. It's Wisconsin.”

And since most homeowners insurance doesn't cover this type of surface water damage you can purchase flood insurance.

However it does take 30-days before those policies go into effect.