Eau Claire in-home daycare owner charged after parents find child has fractured femur

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)— An Eau Claire in-home daycare worker has been charged after parents found their child had a fractured femur.

Court records show Sherri Schulner, 50, of Sherri’s Staynplay Daycare has been charged with felony physical abuse of a child.

The criminal complaint says in October of 2018, Schulner called the victim’s parents and said that their daughter was “not herself this afternoon”. Her father took the girl, who was three years-old at the time, to urgent care where a doctor told the parents that she had a fractured femur, in multiple places, and the bone was in a “triangle form”. The doctor also said there would have needed to be a lot of force on the femur for it to break.

Schulner told investigators she dropped the child “not gently” six inches into the playpen. She said the child showed no signs of injury and went to sleep without fussing. She noticed the child was not acting as usual when she did not want to get up or stand.

The doctor told investigators that breaking a child’s femur from a drop was possible but from a height of six inches made it unlikely.

The child told the Child Advocacy Center “Sherri broke my leg” but she was not able to tell officials more.

Schulner is scheduled to be in court on March 4, 2020.

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