Eau Claire man charged after threatening to shoot up Menards

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – An Eau Claire man is charged in Eau Claire County Court after investigators say he made threats to shoot up the Menards Distribution Center.

According to a criminal complaint, 31-year-old Kevin Pinkham worked at Menards and told another employee he would “shoot the place up”.
The complaint also says Pinkham told a manager that he used to be in the military, was injured there and had killed 34 people. Officials were able to obtain his 2011 military discharge papers, which stated Pinkham was never deployed and was never injured in the line of duty. He was discharged for “failed medical/physical/procurement standards”.

Pinkham admitted to officials that he also once texted his girlfriend saying he was “going to kill everyone”. Pinkham told officials it was a joke and he didn’t mean it.

During a search of Pinkham’s home, officials found:
-one Savage 30/6 Rifle in an unlocked gun cabinet in the upstairs main bedroom
-one Henry 22 Rifle
-one Ruger 22 rifle
-five loose 30-6 rifle rounds
-a large metal can full of 30-06 ammunition in the main bedroom
-an ammunition can with 16 magazine
-seven boxes of ammo
-one ammunition can full of 9mm ammo
-one ammunition can of 22 ammo
-one ammunition can full of 5.56 ammo
-73 separate rounds of 22 ammo
-121 rounds of 5.56 rounds with clips located on the kitchen table
-30 round 5.56 magazine with ammo behind the living room TV
-One 5.56 mm Rifle, loaded with a 30 round magazine located near the TV in the living room.
-Walther 9mm pistol in the glove box of his vehicle.
-Box of ammunition and a 9mm magazine in the cetner counsel.
-There was also the packaging for a 30 round rifle magazine and knife sharpening kit in the back seat of his vehicle.

Pinkham is charged with terrorist threats and disorderly conduct. He could face three years and six months for the terrorist threat charge and 90 days for the disorderly conduct charge.
Pinkham’s cash bond has been set at $10,000 cash and his next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 27.