Eaux Claires Hiver announces weekend of music

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (NEWS RELEASE)-- Eaux Claires festival announces EAUX CLAIRES HIVER, an immersive weekend of performance and improvisation featuring Ani DiFranco, Pieta Brown, Jon Hopkins, Aaron Dessner, Justin Vernon, William Brittelle and more, presented via three distinct events.

37d03d Performances, November 22-23, various venues: After gathering earlier in the week to compose and collaborate, members of the 37d03d (upside-down “People”) present music, visual art, and literature in a variety of spaces and settings with audiences ranging from a handful to hundreds.

After a year in which the main festival lay fallow, this portion of Eaux Claires Hiver echoes the tradition of fall plowing, when farmers turned the earth before it froze, so it would be soft for the seeds come spring.

The results of the residency will be viewed in progress and in
proximity with the understanding that the pieces—and the experience—will inform and flavor July 2020’s Eaux Claires V.

37d03d tickets go on sale on Tuesday 15 October. $80 ticket covers 6pm to late both Friday 22 and Saturday 23, only 500 tickets available. Purchase at pablocenter.org.

Ani DiFranco and Justin Vernon in Conversation, November 21, 7:30 pm, RCU Theatre, Pablo Center at the Confluence: Shooting the breeze onstage like they’re backstage, Justin Vernon and Ani DiFranco join each other in conversation. “Ani DiFranco is the first person I ever heard of who wrote, arranged, engineered, mixed and released
her own music,” says Justin Vernon. “She is a mind-blowing songwriter and inspiration. I want to ask her the questions I've always wanted to ask her; about her journey, her hardships and victories. And I want an audience there because the answers will be too special to hold on to as one person. AND...there will be some music....and
surprise guests.”

Ani DiFranco and Justin Vernon in Conversation tickets go on sale Tuesday 15 October. $30-$100. Purchase
at pablocenter.org. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and the TU Dance troupe present: Come Through , November 22-24, RCU Theatre, Pablo
Center at the Confluence: Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Artistic Directors Uri Sands and Toni Pierce-Sands of contemporary dance troupe TU Dance present Come Through , a ground-breaking collaboration featuring music by Vernon and choreography by Sands. After touring the piece across the nation from New York’s Kennedy Center to L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl, the collaborators are eager to perform it in the place where the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers meet. Come Through was commissioned and produced by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music Series.

Come Through tickets already on sale Fri 22, Sat 23 at 7:30pm and Sun 24 Nov at 1:30pm, $42:50 to $125.

Eaux Claires Hiver 37d03d participants include:
JT Bates
William Brittelle
Pieta Brown
S. Carey
Aaron Dessner
Ani DiFranco
Gail Ann Dorsey
Jon Hopkins
Elsa Jensen
La Force
Mike Lewis
Metropolis Ensemble
Ryan Olson
Shahzad Ismaily
Michael Perry
Korde Arrington Tuttle
Justin Vernon
Jeremy Ylvisaker