Elk Mound talks to students about consequences of bomb threats

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ELK MOUND, Wi. (WEAU)-- Whether it's personal, legal, or educational, the consequences behind initiating a bomb threat are no joke.

That's why the Elk Mound School District decided to partner with local law enforcement to explain to students just how serious these threats are.

“We haven't had any issues here at the school but we thought it would be best to provide information to the students on the ramifications of making such a threat,” says Elk mound Principal Paul Weber who explains the goal of Wednesday’s safety update was to educate students on preventing threats from happening.

“Normally what happens is when it happens in one school, it comes in bunches. There's this copycat effect that takes place. We're not here to scold anybody. What we're trying to do here is be proactive,” says Weber.

Weber says students often forget just how much these scares can cost students. “There are other costs that aren't monetary costs such as loss of education and loss of instructional time that are very important, and we're not going to get that back.”

Rod Dicus with the Dunn County Sheriff's Department says it's all about keeping students safe.

“Whenever there's thoughts of anything that could possibly happen I think it's important to keep a good relationship with the school. I think it really sends a message that we're concerned and that we care,” says Dicus.

Tomorrow the sheriff's department will head to Colfax High School to talk to students there about the severity of these threats.