Ellison says he won't quit race amid abuse claim

Published: Aug. 17, 2018 at 12:40 PM CDT
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Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison says he won't abandon his run for Minnesota attorney general amid allegations from an ex-girlfriend that he once physically abused her, "because I didn't do it."

Ellison made his most expansive comments about the allegations Friday before joining supporters for a campaign outreach event in Minneapolis. Karen Monahan has accused the six-term congressman of dragging her from a bed while screaming at her in 2016. She has claimed to have video but says she won't release it.

Ellison easily won Tuesday's primary but the episode has disrupted his campaign and Democrats statewide. State party chairman Ken Martin gave Ellison lukewarm backing Thursday.

Ellison says it's up to Monahan to produce a video that he maintains doesn't exist.

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison is heading out on the campaign trail despite calls to quit the state's attorney general race following allegations of domestic abuse.

Ellison is visiting north Minneapolis on Friday to knock on doors and talk to voters.

He won this week's Democratic primary just days after a former girlfriend accused him of sending threatening texts and dragging her off a bed. Ellison has denied the allegation, and says a supposed video of the attack does not exist.

Minnesota Democrats so far are standing behind Ellison, while saying they are looking into the accusations. Other groups, including the National Organization for Women, say he should leave the race.