Family holds vigil for Eau Claire fire victim

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Questions, that's all one family is left with after 21-year old Jaime Thayer-Vega was found dead in the 600th block of Congress Street in Eau Claire back in October.

Now, friends and family of Thayer-Vega are asking for justice in his death. Susan Vega is Thayer-Vega’s mother.

“I need to know the truth. The honest to God truth, so that there could be justice for my son, you know,” Vega said.

Jaime was Susan’s youngest child. She says he was a caring son.

"I was going through a hard time, lost one job. He didn't want to leave me until i was back on my feet," she said.

Saturday, loved ones gathered in front of the house where Thayer-Vega's body was found to hold a vigil and share memories.

Desiree Week is Thayer-Vega’s fiancée and the mother of his child.

“He was a really nice guy, he loved his family incredibly,” she said. “He was a great father, he loved his son. His son was pretty much his world."

Angelita Stevens is Thayer-Vega’s cousin.

“He was not only my auntie’s son; he was a nephew, a friend, a brother. He was a very caring boy,” she said.

The fire that Thayer-Vega died in happened in late October. Almost a month later, his family says they still don't have answers.

“Not much of anything. I only heard when it happened. I've been waiting,” Vega said.

“I want to know why he was there and what everyone else was up too and why he was the only one not to make it out,” Week said.

“We have no idea what happened,” said Thayer-Vega’s older sister, Leticia Martin

“We want closure and we want justice and we want answers,” Stevens said.

Officer Bridget Coit with the Eau Claire Police Department said it is still waiting for answers as well.

"We are currently awaiting results from the state crime lab and the autopsy. Once we have those results, information will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office with the hopes of bringing some resolutions to the case for the public and for those family members involved," Coit said.

The Eau Claire Police Department also says the investigation into Thayer-Vega's death is still ongoing, but for the family, they just want justice.