Family rescues mama dog and pups from Minnesota snowdrift

The pups were only about 3-weeks-old when they were found in the snow with their mom. (Source: Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue Shelter/Facebook)
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(Gray News) – A canine family is recovering and has a warm place to stay after a Minnesota family found them huddled together in a snowdrift.

Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue in northwest Minnesota said the dog, now dubbed Snowbelle, and her litter of six pups were hunkered down in about a foot of snow on the edge of the woods.

“They were very hungry and mama Snowbelle had no milk to give them,” the shelter said in a Facebook post.

“We have no idea how Snowbelle and her puppies survived. They were about 3 weeks old when rescued.”

Things have improved for the doggy family since arriving at the shelter.

Snowbelle’s milk is flowing again and her pups have lots to eat.

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