Fate of park project name delayed

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EAU CLAIRE,Wis. (WEAU) -- The fate of the name that caused a lot of controversy and divided community members for the project, slated to be placed in downtown Eau Claire, will have to wait.

The Eau Claire city council approved an amendment to postpone the vote until its next legislative session.

The decision to postpone the vote came after the council received a statement from the Veteran’s Tribute Foundation asking for a two week delay.

The foundation said quote, "This gives the foundation time to explore all of our options and make the right decision about what is best for the community and the tribute project going forward."

City council president, Terry Weld shared his thoughts on the postponement of a naming of the currently known as the Forest Street Green Space.

"In two weeks we'll know a lot more than we do today," he said.

Although the future seems murky, Weld believes a decision will be made in the coming weeks.

"Depending on the outcome of their decision and how they wish to proceed, will tell us a lot more on how much longer this could be pushed out,” he said. “It could come together in two weeks."

In the public comment period during Monday’s meeting, some community members voiced their support of moving the tribute out of Eau Claire all together. However, Weld says he does not think that's a possibility.

"No, that's not been a part of our discussion at all or a comment that I’ve been made aware of. It's our hope and goal and dream that they continue to build this veterans tribute here in Eau Claire and we look forward to it being down at the Forest Street Green Space."

The postponement came at the request of the veteran's tribute foundation to quote "explore all of our options," but the statement does not specifically say what those options are.

"I think they want to take some time just gathering all the stakeholders and making sure that all the same intentions are still what they originally proposed. Getting some clarity and I guess getting on the same page.”

Eau Claire community services director, Jeff Pippenger is optimistic.

"My hope is that it is still capable and i do believe there is an opportunity there. I'm hopeful."

Groups on both sides of this discussion will have to wait a little longer for a decision.

Also voted on during today's council meeting, the State Street and Roosevelt Avenue intersection redesign passed with amendments.
The council also approved to host the city hall open house on July 25 and also approved the donation of an indoor mural at Hobbs Ice Arena.