UPDATE: Officials say weather made it difficult to put out fire at "The View" on Lake Wissota

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 7:12 AM CST
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Officials say weather played a part in the time it took to put out a fire at a popular restaurant on Lake Wissota.

It took crews more than eight hours to fight through flames and smoke at “The View” on Highway X in Chippewa Falls. Officials say heavy snow and cold temperatures made putting the fire out much more difficult.

Officials say reports of flames and smoke Tuesday morning resulted in road blockages and multiple agencies being called out.

"The snow has made it really hard in regards to getting enough water movement but thankful our neighbors have come and the area departments have helped out to get that water to put this fire out," said Chief Scott Bernette with the Chippewa Fire District.

The owner of a neighboring restaurant says this is a sad loss for the community. "We're partners in crime on the lake ...The View and I, we do a lot of stuff out here on the water in the winter and in the summer. We plan certain things," said Seth Gebauer, Owner of Sandbar and Grill.

He says the location of the view is one of the reasons it's been so special in the community.

"It’s nice to have that extra draw on the lake to bring people in from out of town to use the lake so it’s definitely going to be a big loss for the area. It’s an iconic spot, it’s been there for years. I’ve been going there for a lot of years so this is going to be a tough loss for the area," said Gebauer.

Officials say more than 60 firefighters responded to the scene.. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown. The Chippewa Fire District says crews will be back on scene in the morning to investigate.

Crews have been battling a fire at a restaurant on Lake Wissota for hours.

The fire at The View was called in around 6 a.m. by the owner’s dad, who was plowing the parking lot and noticed flames.

Chippewa Fire District Chief Scott Bernette told WEAU 13 News, just before noon that the weather has been making fighting the fire difficult.

"The snow has made it pretty hard from getting enough water movement, but thankfully our neighbors have come and the area departments have helped out to get that water moving to get that fire out,” said Bernette.

More than 10 agencies responded to the scene. Thankfully, there haven’t been any reported injuries.

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- New viewer video shows the fire at 'The View' on Lake Wissota. This video was taken by Eric Pulver.

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- A popular restaurant on Lake Wissota is on fire.

Shortly before 6 a.m. Tuesday fire crews responded to 'The View' on Highway X in Chippewa Falls. Most of the area surrounding the building is blocked off as crews battle the flames.

Firefighters are expected to investigate the cause of the fire later this morning.

We'll have updates thoughout the day online and on-the-air on WEAU.

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