Flood places strain on local business owners

LAKE HALLIE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Flood damage is going beyond water-filled basements and putting a strain on local business owners.

Joleen Frances Hair Salon has been a part of the Lake Hallie community for more than 25 years, the last six at location just off of Business 53.

“Never, never never at this spot no,” says Joleen Bourget.

Owner Joleen Bourget is talking about the flood water surrounding her business, which has made its way into the basement.

“It's running out of that window there now it's coming out of that window too so,” Bourget explains.

Thursday morning, Bourget was forced to put together makeshift tubing as a tool to bring the water out of her basement and into the front yard, the problem she says, is all of the experts are backed up, making it difficult to find resources.

“Now I'm waiting on Hallie to come with their road crew to come here and loosen this up,” she says. “Everything is backed up. No one can seem to get out here fast enough.”

Although the salon space Bourget works out of is so far untouched by the flooding, she says the work to get it under control is putting a strain on her small business.

“I turned about 15 people away just because of this and that will put me a day behind and then we don't know tomorrow what's going to happen,” says Bourget.