Four New Cases of COVID-19 and One Death in Winona County

WINONA COUNTY, Min. (Press Release) The Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) website now identifies that 20 individuals living in Winona County have tested positive for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Four of those individuals have died from COVID-19. Because of the limited testing, however, residents should not assume there are only twenty COVID-19 cases in Winona County, nor should they believe the twenty confirmed cases are necessarily interconnected. To do so minimizes the risk that COVID-19 poses to our community.

It is essential to stay safe with social distancing and follow the Governor’s Walz statewide order to remain at home except for limited exceptions to trips outside.

Please remember that the lack of extensive testing limits the accuracy of the data about the scope of COVID-19 infections here in Winona County and statewide. The MDH prioritizes testing for hospitalized
patients, health care workers or their ill household contacts, and persons living or working in congregate living settings (e.g., corrections facilities, group homes, long-term care facilities) who have symptoms
clinically compatible with COVID-19. This is a graphic from the MDH website on the types of transmissions that have lab-tested confirmed COVID-19 cases throughout the State of Minnesota.