General Beverage in Chippewa Falls recognized for energy savings

Published: Dec. 4, 2018 at 9:07 PM CST
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An area beverage company's energy-saving efforts were enough to provide electricity to 828 homes for a full year.

Tuesday, those efforts were recognized.

The "Focus on Energy" program delivered a ceremonial check to General Beverage for more than $115,000.

The amount represents the incentive Focus on Energy paid the company to help offset the cost of a large solar array recently installed at the Chippewa Falls facility.

"We wanted to be good stewards to the environment. We saw an opportunity to cap our energy costs, and by the nature of the beer businesses, you have keg coolers that are running 24/7. So if we could reduce our emissions and go solar and see what impact we could make," said Executive VP of Operations Joel Minkoff.

Three General Beverage locations have undergone this energy saving project.

Joel Minkoff liked the project so much, he did it at his own home as well.