Gov. Walker announces members of Dairy Task Force 2.0

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THORP, Wis. (WEAU) -- June Dairy Month may be over, but Wisconsin dairy farmers have reason to be optimistic about continued support for their industry.

Wednesday at Farm Technology Days, Governor Walker announced the members of the Dairy Task Force 2.0, created last month.

“Today we announced 31 members from that panel that include people from all over the state,” Governor Scott Walker said. “There’s folks from right in this region as there are from all over the state from a variety of different backgrounds.”

The first Dairy Task Force convened in 1985 and also consisted of individuals including dairy farmers, milk processors and allied organizations.

Thorp Dairy Farmer Amy Penterman was one of the 31 individuals selected to serve on the second task force.

“I was very honored to be chosen for the task force,” Penterman said. “I look forward to helping to continue to strengthen America’s dairy land, which is Wisconsin.”

Although the group is still getting its footing, its main goal is to address issues facing the Wisconsin dairy industry—namely low milk prices.

Penterman plans to put her diverse perspective as a dairy farmer and crop insurance agent to work on the task force. She emphasized the importance of integrating young people into the industry to maintain its sustainability.

“We just need to continue to keep the agriculture industry strong, so there’s opportunities for all of us in the long run,” Penterman said.

The 1985 Task Force focused on expanding and marketing Wisconsin’s specialty cheese production. While maintaining focus on cheese making, Penterman hopes to integrate technology into revitalizing Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry.