Gov. Walker touts benefits of Foxconn during stop in Green Bay

Published: Aug. 16, 2017 at 8:28 PM CDT
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As lawmakers advance a $3 billion deal to bring Foxconn to southeast Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker visits Green Bay touting its benefits to people in northeast Wisconsin as well.

But critics of the Foxconn Deal say the incentives package is expensive and risky and doesn't do much for people in the area.

Governor Scott Walker invited presidents of technical colleges and area leaders to discuss his plan to bring top-notch technology to Wisconsin saying a Foxconn plant would attract suppliers that would create their own jobs.

"You know with Foxconn it's not just the 13,000 jobs, it's the supply base. You're talking over $4 billion a year that they're talking about supply chain. So businesses here in northeast Wisconsin and all across the state are going to benefit from that," said Governor Walker.

The governor wants the plant to break ground next year and open in 2020.

Critics said the governor is making a mistake in offering $3 billion in financial incentives to a multi-billion dollar company--and are suspicious of the rushed timeline.

"This is about Governor Walker running for governor in 2018 and wanting to put the feather in his cap saying, 'I created jobs.' Because he has failed on his 250,000 job promise by 60 to 70 thousand jobs. So now he can say that they're gonna build it, and what the damage is going to be to the state is my concern," said Senator Dave Hansen.

"It's like anything else. You have to take the risk sometimes in order to make it happen. What's the worst that happens? Okay we spend some money and they aren't as big as they say they're going to be, but they're still developed and they're still bringing in new capacity. So I think it's a win all the way around," said NWTC President Dr. Jeff Rafn.

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