Governor Walker, Dem. candidate disagree on Foxconn deal

Published: Aug. 21, 2017 at 4:18 PM CDT
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Governor Scott Walker says he is delivering his promise to create more jobs in Wisconsin.

He made those comments Monday while leading an information session on Foxconn at Chippewa Valley Technical College.

Governor Walker says the $10 billion investment to build Foxconn will result in 10,000 workers having jobs just during the construction phase.

During Monday's session, Walker stressed that the deal is not a political tactic and should bw nothing but a promising opportunity for the state.

Walker said, "Some of the same people who've said for years we need jobs are now saying 'wait a minute, maybe we don't want jobs because it may be politically advantageous for the governor.' They're not saying it in those terms but the sad reality is some people are so cynical about politics that they're willing to oppose something they've said for years they wanted just because they think it may be politically advantageous for me in the future."

Meanwhile, Democrat Dana Wachs says there are three things wrong with the Foxconn deal.

He says he thinks it is being rushed, it is a bad deal for the taxpayers of Wisconsin, and there are environmental concerns.

Wachs says Walker is cutting money from educational programs and giving them to a Chinese company that doesn't need them.

The Democratic candidate for governor said, "This comes at a time where the Governor has cut a billion dollars out of the K-12 education budget, $785 million out of the university budget, $235 million out of the technical school budget. What was all of that cutting for? Now we are going to give $3 billion dollars to Chinese manufactures. We don't need Chinese-style economics in Wisconsin."

Construction on the Foxconn facilities is set to begin in 2020.