Groundbreaking held for new Hallie soccer facility

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LAKE HALLIE, Wis. (WEAU) -- More than 20 years after the club's founding, the Chippewa Strikers have started constructing a permanent home.

Groundbreaking held for new Hallie soccer facility

Friday was the groundbreaking for the future home of the Chippewa Strikers youth soccer team, catering to youth from 2nd grade to the senior year of high school.

Hallie Park will be the home of the 11 acre complex, which will be able to hold up to 18 youth soccer fields.

The president of the Chippewa Strikers says that, while the Strikers have played at various parks for years, the current set-up is not sustainable.
"With the popularity of soccer starting to grow so much locally, those facilities are starting to get taxed very hard”, says Ryan Normand, President of the Chippewa Strikers. “It's hard to get adequate field space without interrupting other programs. that's why we've looked at building some more."

The Strikers are still looking to fully fund the project, with about 300 thousand dollars to go until the project is fully funded.