Health officials encouraging check-ups as Men's Health Week kicks off

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Monday kicked off Men's Health Week and HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital is using the occasion to remind men to go see a doctor for a regular check-up.

A nurse at Sacred Heart said concerns for prostate cancer and diabetes in men can linger for a long time until it may be too late for successful treatment.

"Even when you're feeling well, that annual check-up can catch things,” said Travis Christman, R.N. at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital.

Christman said certain exams start taking place at 40-years-old. One of them is for the prostate exam. At 50-years-old is usually when you have a colonoscopy for the first time unless there's a family history, but he said your physician can help you make those decisions.

HSHS says some of the other leading causes of death in men include cardiovascular disease and stroke.