Ho-Chunk Nation ends negotiations with Meteor Timber

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 4:38 PM CDT
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The Ho-Chunk Nation has notified Meteor Timber that it is withdrawing from negotiations for consideration of their $75M frac sand facility. Throughout their settlement discussions, the Ho-Chunk Nation has valued the engagement by Meteor Timber. “We wanted to make sure we heard them out, but in the end, Meteor couldn’t ensure that they were mitigating every detrimental effect that their activities would have on the community’s environment,” says Representative Carly Lincoln (District 2, HCN), “The Nation has offered to continue to work with Meteor Timber on many of the issues that were brought up during the negotiations”

The Nation and its tribal citizens have long been environmentally conscious. The silica sand being mined and processed in this region is being used mostly for oil extraction by fracking. This method of oil extraction has very obvious but also obscured environmental effects.

The Ho-Chunk Nation thanks Meteor Timber, as well as the many officials around Wisconsin that provided input and had substantive conversations around this topic. We encourage further development in energy solutions, especially those committed to limiting impact on air quality and environmental health.