Home cleaning during cold and flu season

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Fears over Coronavirus have some folks rushing out to buy supplies, including cleaners.

With cold and flu season still in full swing, what is the most effective way to keep bacteria at bay?

Marshfield clinic has some tips and tricks they use to clean their hospital to make sure you are getting the most out of cleaning your home.

"We use standard precautionary cleaning here at the hospital,” said Marshfield Clinic Environmental Services Manager Mike Dinkins. “Everything that we clean public areas, ORs, med surg rooms we use the same cleaning process so we disinfect the surfaces the same."

Dinkins supervises the cleaning at Marshfield Clinic and says even after they clean, they make sure it is clean.

"After the staff have cleaned the rooms, one of the main goals that I do is a quality check and it is either using a white glove and going over the surfaces and visually inspecting,” he said. “We also have a swab system, so we swab surfaces, the high touch areas that patients doctors and nurses would touch, and it gives us a reading."

Dinkins says one of the most important things to do is read the labels on your cleaning products.

"One of the most important things is the dwell time of the chemical and reading your label and making sure you have the instructions in front of you and making sure you understand those instructions,” he said.

Believe it or not, many of the products that hospitals use to clean their areas, you can buy at your local store and use to clean your home.

Dinkins also says to focus on how you clean.

"Make sure you clean your high surfaces first,” he said. “If you're doing your high dusting, you don't want to dust after you've cleaned everything because everything will fall down on those surfaces and it won't be disinfected properly. Definitely hit your high touch areas at home, sink handles, in and around the sink, your toilet flush handle, light switches, TV remotes.”

Dinkins stresses reading the labels on cleaning products because he says the effectiveness of those cleaners may depend on long it sits the surface and kills the bacteria.

Wiping it away too early may make it less effective.