Homes evacuated in Bloomer after damage to cell tower

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BLOOMER, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Bloomer Police Department evacuated eight homes on July 18, 2019 after a nearby cell tower suffered structural damage.

“Bloomer Policemen came up and knocked on the door and says he's got bad news for us, that we've got to get out of our house,” says Leonard Seibel who lives in one of the evacuated homes.

In a public safety notice, police say the homes were evacuated “to ensure safety of those living in the immediate area.”

However, Seibel says he has not heard when he might be able to go back home.

“We left right away and took some extra clothes, Seibel says. “There are a lot of other things we wish we had taken but we didn't know how much time we had to leave so we were going to try to get back in but I guess we can’t yet.”

Bloomer Memorial Golf Course also closed five holes that were in the area at risk.

Bloomer Police have barricaded the area along Fairway Street where the homes were evacuated.

Police warn that the public should not enter the area until they notify that the scene is safe.

According to the public safety notice, cell tower engineers are in the process of reviewing the repairs needed and will notify the Police Department once those repairs are made.