How are you? COVID-19 community survey wants to find out

Published: Jun. 8, 2020 at 4:55 AM CDT
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The pandemic has affected us all but in different ways but some have been hit harder than others.

In an effort to supports locals through this challenging time, a local organization is asking for your help.

JONAH has teamed up with several non-profits in the Chippewa Valley to create a survey for the community to fill out so that they know what areas the community needs help with right now and how they can best provide.

In the survey, they will ask if you have a place to sleep, do you have enough food, do you feel safe at home? Along with do you still feel connected to people or what are your biggest concerns right now?

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete so that organizers can get a realistic scope of the how the community has been impacted and what work they need to focus on moving forward. "We really don't understand exactly how people have been impacted and that really makes it difficult when we don't want to assume we know what people need, it's really important that people who are experiencing the problems can tell us what they need and that's going to help us because we just don't have an idea of how it's been,” said Lynn Buske, the organizer of JONAH.

If you have been impacted at all, they ask you please fill it out so they can get the most accurate representation. The survey is anonymous and can be filled out online or printed and mailed in. You can find the form in English, Spanish or Hmong.

For a link to complete the survey

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