Human remains found in Dunn County may be man reported missing more than 10 years ago

Published: Oct. 19, 2016 at 10:22 AM CDT
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For the past 10 years the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department has been involved in a missing persons case surrounding Douglas Lee Poach who went missing back in January of 2006, but on Sunday, investigators involved in this cold case from the very beginning, say they're finally getting answers they've been looking for, for more than a decade.

“Based on the initial location where the body was and the description to everything that was given during the time he disappeared, it would make us believe that's who it is,” says Dunn County Sheriff Dennis Smith.

It was just before 9 AM on Sunday morning when turkey hunters made a call to Dunn County, saying they found what looked like human remains when walking through the woods just north of Connersville.

When deputies and the medical examiner arrived, they had a feeling they knew who the remains belonged to, Douglas Poach.

“The clothing was all intact and the skeleton structure was still intact inside the clothes,” Smith commented.

The remains were found just a quarter of a mile away from where investigators stopped looking nearly a decade ago.

“We had searched the area in a fairly good size around the residence that he was near, but we stopped at a road because we didn't know how far to go from there and he was found on the other side of the road. We were within a quarter mile of the body,” says Smith.

Poach, who was last seen in new haven would have turned 64 next week. But it was the 53 year old that Sheriff Smith, knew best.

“We'd get arrested and it was usually alcohol related, then he would get here and be sober for a few days and be serving his time and the next thing we knew we had him working as a trustee doing repairs or cleaning for us,” says Smith.

But even if testing confirms these remains are Poach, Smith doesn't know if the cause of death will ever be revealed.

“There was an item there that could have been a cause of death but we found nothing that would lead us to find out what the cause of death was and I think the body is so deteriorated we may never know,” Smith mentioned.

The sheriff's department hopes to have those DNA test results back in the next 30 days, in hopes of bringing even more answers to the Poach family.

DUNN COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU)-- Deputies believe human remains found in Dunn County may be a man reported missing more than 10 years ago.

The Dunn County Sheriff's Department says Douglas Poach of New Haven was last seen on January 3, 2006. This past Sunday, hunters found the remains in northern Dunn County.

Deputies say based on what they found at the scene, they feel it is very likely to be the remains of Poach. They say a DNA sample will be processed, but it could take about 30 days to positively identify the person.

Poach was last seen at a family member's home near Amery.

Dunn County Sheriff, Dennis Smith, told WEAU earlier this year that Poach was a familiar face around the department as he had been booked numerous times. He added that it was typical of him to disappear for 6 months to a year at a time, but he would always come back and says for him to be gone this long is extremely unusual.

At the time of his disappearance, there were some reports that Poach may have traveled to parts of Minnesota, but no one has had contact with him since 2006.