Jim Beam warehouse fire aftermath: Thousands of fish found dead in Kentucky River

Published: Jul. 5, 2019 at 4:43 PM CDT
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The environmental fallout of the Jim Beam warehouse fire continues along the Kentucky River, as large numbers of dead fish are now floating downstream.

State environmental officials predicted this would happen, as the water used to extinguish flames at the Woodford County warehouses trickled into a nearby creek and eventually the river. Some 45,000 barrels of bourbon burned in the fire.

“I don’t believe I would want to swim in it right now. In a few days after all this passes, it would be fine,” Kim Strohmeier, who lives on the river, told WKYT. "A lot of fisherman ... in both the Elkhorn Creek and the river here. Folks aren’t going to have much success fishing in the river for next ... few weeks.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is leading the investigation into the environmental impact.

State officials say it’s OK to still fish in the Kentucky River, but suggest any fish caught not be eaten.

Plus, there’s the smell. Rotting fish is never pleasant.

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