NWSF DAY 1: Judging, racing, and lots of fun

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- There were many unique items to be judged at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair this year.

About 60 people participated in the antiques judging competition according to Angie DeGidio, who works in the antiques department.

“The antiques that they are bringing in are very important to them and there is some history there and people are very excited about sharing their stories,” DeGidio says. Each person could submit up to 50 items to be judged.

Carrie Meyer of Cadott collects antiques and submits items each year. This year, she is going home with two “Best of Show” ribbons and several more “First Place” ribbons.

“I just love antiques,” Meyer says. “I am so excited.”

She won prizes for items like a children’s book, a baby dress and a plate.

“I am so happy with the results,” Meyer says.

In addition to the antiques judging competitions, there were also contests for animals, baked goods, crafts and more.

Nancy Skelley works with the flowers and plants competition and says the unusual weather this spring is leaving the fair with fewer entries than usual.

“Annuals and perennials are down a bit, container grown plants and house plants are about average,” Skelley says. “In general we are pleased. It could have been worse with the winter we had,” Skelley says.

Even though some plants were missing, Skelley says there was still some good competition. She says the judge, a florist from Chippewa Falls, spent three hours to decide the winners.

“They look for accuracy in the entries so if they are red geraniums making sure that they are red and indeed a geranium,” Skelley says. “Things have to have to be in healthy shape, free of pests and things. He also looks for damage or dryness.”

Some new items for judging this year at the fair include Market Baskets, Outdoor Gear and Yard Art.

Judging begins at the fair at 9 a.m. each day. The fair is July 10-14 in Chippewa Falls.