Keeping a healthy routine at home

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - People are constantly adapting their daily routine due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but what if that routine usually includes getting a workout in?

The closure of Momentum CrossFit 715 has led to co-owner Jim Breuer coming up with new ways to reach his 230 member gym. Momentum is providing its members with a creative way to keep working on their fitness goals, by giving them online coaching.

“Our biggest competition in the fitness realm is us against the couch and a bag of potato chips,” he said.

Saturday's at Momentum are usually filled with the sounds of a full gym. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gym was silent Saturday.

“We are working to remotely coach them and keep them on track with their goals,” Breuer said.

As people are adjusting their routine's to work from home, Breuer said it is important to keep the structure of a normal day.

“They are lacking structure in their day and that's what we are trying to get them centered with is adding that structure,” Breuer said.

According to Fit Lab Nutrition coach, Katelyn Hammerbeck, while staying active is a big part of being healthy, avoiding the urge to snack all day is also key.

“If we wake up and eat a balanced breakfast, we are going to be full and satisfied and less likely to just grab random things all throughout the day,” she said. “Same thing if we can eat a structured lunch and dinner.”

Hammerbeck said if you are going to snack, try to eat foods with sustenance rather than junk food.

“I would say things like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, tuna packets, deli meats,” she said.

Breuer said just because you may not have access to traditional gym equipment, doesn't mean you cannot be creative and make your own.

“For instance, having them use a backpack, filling it up with weighted objects or a couple of garbage bags filled with sand and then utilizing those,” he said.

Although it may be tough now, Breuer said having to adapt how people achieve their fitness goals will allow him to help others in the future.

“Moving forward, this is revolutionizing how to take somebody and work with them from a distance, keep them accountable and supply them with all the tools they need to be successful,” he said.