Kwik Trip's Twitter quest!!

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 7:19 AM CDT
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There's no denying that Kwik Trip is one of the most recognizable convienence stores in Wisconsin. On Twitter, however, the company is struggling to get the recognition, their fans feel, they deserve.

One La Crosse resident explained, "I think they need to get verified. I think it's unfair. There's a lot of Twitter accounts out there that shouldn't be verified, but Kwik Trip should be for sure."

If you're not sure what "being verified" means, let me explain. It's something only Twitter controls. They place a blue checkmark next to the Twitter handle of an account, so users know it's not a fake account tweeting. It's kind of a status symbol. Kwik Trip has been leading a campaign to get verified, but so far, no luck.

Followers of Kwik Trip's account routinely tweet at Twitter, begging for the verification.

"This is an outrage, Kwik Trip is not verified on Twitter," one Kwik Trip fan said.

I reached out to Kwik Trip about the lack of verification, and they invited me to their headquarters in La Crosse to talk about it. To learn more, watch the video above.