Ladysmith quadruplets are the newest drivers on the road

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 5:45 AM CST
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A couple in Ladysmith had the challenge of a lifetime when they brought home quadruplets from the hospital. But 16 years later an even bigger challenge is here; all 4 of their kids just got their driver's licenses.

Right after the quadruplets were born in 2003, WEAU spoke with the new parents, but this week we caught up with all the teens as they crossed another milestone together.

The four teenagers, Zach, Rachel, Sara and Ellie are off an adventure. But their parents are also going for the ride of a lifetime. “Patience, a lot of patience,” said their mom, Angela Kostka. Patience has been the key word for Kostka ever since giving birth to her quadruplets 16 years ago. "My motto while they were younger was one mom, that's it, they have to wait their turn or just be patient and I will get to them,” she said.

She says things were chaotic at times, but nothing in the past has prepared her for dealing with 4 teenagers. “I will take the terrible twos over teens any day, any day,” Angela said.

As for the teens, they are ready to start the next chapter of their lives together. "It was hard to figure out who was going to drive or even if mom would let us drive,” said Rachel Kostka, the oldest of the quadruplets.

They have special seating arrangements each day. "We kind of have a little rotation, if Zach is driving, I am in the front seat and then we switch and if Sara is driving then Ellie is in the front seat and they switch,” Rachel said.

That way everyone rotates and everyone gets a turn to drive. "We try to keep a schedule coming to school every day,” said Zach Kostka, the second oldest of the quadruplets. But they also make sure every day to buckle up, for good reason. "Two of them are not the best drivers ever so I did not like it at all,” Zach added.

While, the four don’t always agree, there is one thing they can agree on, who is best behind the wheel? Zach and Rachel.

They drive together every day and the day they took their drivers test was no exception. "It was kind of scary because if one of us failed then the others would probably make fun of you for it for a while until you passed,” Rachel said.

But all four passed and now share one car. “They've actually been doing a very good job so far but we are only a couple weeks into it, I'm sure between now and whenever they'll be some bled shed and tears I'm sure,” Angela said.

But in the meantime, the group of quadruplets is heading out on their newest adventure. “It's like a step of freedom, the first one we have taken so far,” Zach said.


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