Lakeshore art teacher wins 2020 Golden Apple

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- All this month, WEAU and the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation are honoring educators and staff with Golden Apple Awards.

They've included math and Spanish teachers, instructional coaches and more. Wednesday, we drop by Lakeshore Elementary to recognize an art teacher who does an amazing job helping her students express themselves and grow in their overall development in the classroom.

"I have a very special announcement because we get to celebrate our very own Mrs. Janke for our Golden Apple for Lakeshore, congratulations”

That's Lakeshore Principal Colleen Miner awarding Erin Janke with the Golden Apple. Janke says while it's a thrill to be thought of so highly by her peers, it's incredibly rewarding teaching art to her students.
"For them to learn and grow through the arts is really incredible, providing them different materials and different ways to approach their learning through a creative outlet is really incredible to see and super important in our students education. And so I feel very lucky to have that opportunity and work with their creative minds, they're young, they're growing, and they’re learning and seeing that raw creativity in them is just incredible."

Colleen Miner, Lakeshore Elementary principal says, “She’s able to teach techniques to students, but then she has this incredible ability that when the students go off and do their own artwork it's still their own creation. So kids are not just trying to copy what she's done, they're able to make their own unique perspective to it and bring alive the techniques she's teaching into their own piece. So when you walk down our hallway, you may see them but you will see the students own individuality coming out through it and the students love art."

The artwork at Lakeshore is outstanding, and because of their efforts, Erin Janke and her school will each receive $500 from the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation.