Latest MU Poll: Governor's race narrows as Election Day draws near

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- It’s less than a month until Election Day and we're learning more about where Wisconsin candidates for Governor, the U.S Senate, and Attorney General stand.

The latest Marquette Law School Poll says the race between Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers is neck and neck.

Poll director Prof. Charles Franklin explained, “In September Tony Evers had a five-point advantage in the governor's race. This month it's Walker by just one point, 47%-46%. That is inside the margin of error both for the race and for the change since last time. It shows that we pretty much have a toss-up race.”

The poll reports 41% of respondents view Evers as favorable and 38% view him as unfavorable.

That's compared to Walker's 48% viewing him as favorable and 49% who have an unfavorable opinion

The poll also revealed that Evers has 64% of voter support from college educated white females while Walker has 60% of voter support from non-college educated white males.

Franklin added, “White men with less than a college degree have become the most solidly Republican of these four categories of demographics whereas white women with a college degree are the most solidly Democratic.”

Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin is still in the lead in the race for Wisconsin U.S senate with 53% holding fairly steady against Republican challenger Leah Vukmir's 43%.

“The stability in that race if fairly striking along with the sizeable Baldwin advantage,” said Franklin. “Where she's doing very well there is among women voters and both women without a college degree and with a college degree and giving her a substantial advantage in the vote. She's also winning among non-white and Hispanic voters as well.”

The poll shows Republican incumbent A.G. Brad Schimel is still the choice among likely voters at 47% but Democratic challenger Josh Kaul isn't too far off with 43%.

Political analyst John Frank explained, “Schimel once again, the incumbent, is ahead outside the margin of error; much like Tammy Baldwin is outside the margin of error. Then again the incumbent always has an advantage in tow things usually, number one in name recognition and number two in money so that's not surprising at this point.”

Since Wisconsin is considered a purple state Frank says it's all going to come down to voter turnout.

He added, “When you look at the Marquette poll in October for voter enthusiasm Republicans are about the same they were in September. Democrats are down just slightly, they're still ahead of Republicans, but they're down a little bit from the September poll so it's all about who gets their people out.”