Local artist teams up with high school students for anti-bullying campaign

Published: Aug. 7, 2019 at 3:04 AM CDT
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When you think back to your memories of high school, what comes to mind? Well, for one local artist, it was a tough time. But now, he is hoping to change that for others through his new anti-bullying campaign.

Local artist TeawhYB has teamed up with some choir students from North High School for this project. Together they completed an upbeat music video hoping to spread their message through music.

"This is actually the story of me growing up for the most part,” TeawhYB said. He is getting personal with his latest music video. "I had come out in high school and went though some things and what I wanted to portray in this is even though you might have struggles and obstacles growing up and you might not fit in."

Often times life and especially high school is not easy, so TeawhYB teamed up with those who can relate; high school students. "I think it's important to portray that message to them directly,” TeawhYB said.

The messages in the music heard loud and clear to just be you. "It's important to just be you because at the end of the day that is what is going to bring you the most happiness,” he added.

The music video is bringing together people from all different backgrounds to stand together against bullying. “Anybody that is struggling, going through something, counting them out or lacking confidence, I want them to see this and know that they will be able to make it through,” TeawhYB said.

To see the full music video