Local family to be featured on 'Military Makeover'

STRUM, Wis. (WEAU) -- Since 2010 Steve Wojcik, his wife Terri, and their three daughters have lived in their Strum house.

But for the Wojcik's, their story began in 1998 right after Steve finished his time with the United States Marine Corps.

"The Marine Corps obviously number one. You want to be the best you can so I ended up joining," said Steve.

Following his service, Terri and Steve started a family but then 9/11 happened.

"I just felt the need, I had to get back in. You know we had two kids at the time and Terri said 'okay if this is something you have to do I stand by you' and she allowed me to go back in and serve," explained Steve.

He joined the army in late 2002 and served in Iraq.

In 2004, a vehicle convoy he was a part of was hit by an IED.

A year later he was given an honorable discharge and medical retirement.

"Getting into the army and getting into the Marine Corps, he obviously went into that not expecting anything out of it and just doing it to help out his country. And then still he'll help out anyone who needs help. So he's just a very selfless person," said their 16-year-old daughter Amberlee.

In 2010, now with three daughters, the Wojcik's moved to Strum where Steve continues to serve.

This time as a Wisconsin State Trooper.

"I think it's just service to the community. It's wanting to help out to make a difference," he explained.

It's a fellow trooper who nominated Steve and his family to be a part of 'Military Makeover'.

The Wojcik's found out in January they were going to get the home makeover.

"Why our family, why is all this money going towards us cause we've never really had that before. I don't know how to say how it feels," said 14-year-old Alyson.

Steve asked himself the same question, saying there are many more deserving veterans out there.

But there's a reason, or four, he agreed to go through with the makeover.

"Knowing that the whole family was going to be affected, that's really the only reason I decided that I would accept to go through this process," he said.

Starting Sept. 23, the Wojcik's will stay at a local campground for ten days while crews work on their house.

And there are definitely parts of the renovation the family is looking forward to.

"Absolutely it's going to be the basement," said Steve.

"I'm also super excited to see what they do with the basement," added Amberlee.

"Yeah I'm excited to see the basement," agreed Alyson.

They will be the 20th family featured on 'Military Makeover'.

One of the hosts of the show told WEAU one of the reasons they picked the Wojcik's was because of Steve's dedication to service.

Volunteers are always welcome to help during the renovation in Strum between Sept. 23 - Oct. 3.

If you would like to learn how to volunteer, you can email volunteer@militarymakeover.tv