Local man with dementia gets wish to remarry his wife 54 years later

Published: Jan. 2, 2019 at 7:13 PM CST
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For the last few years Frank Borg has been living with dementia. He's currently a resident at Azura Memory Care in Eau Claire in hospice care. It’s a challenging time, but thanks to a special program, Frank was granted one wish and he chose to surprise his wife Sue by marrying her all over again.

It’s been 54 years since Frank and Sue Borg first tied the knot. “We were younger, it was a very small wedding at our church in Rochester, Minnesota,” said Sue.

Frank’s younger brother John says he remembers like it was yesterday. "I was 16 and they were 19 and they were getting married and he was my hero,” said John Borg


John says his brother Frank was deeply in love with Sue. “He was a relentless pursuer of her and finally, he finally won and got her to fall in love with him and they got married," he said.

Now they’re doing it again. Frank, who is living with Dementia in hospice at Azura Memory Care has one wish for the New Year, to relive what he says was the best day of his life.

"That's just how Frank is. He's always been wonderful and happy,” said Sue.

A special program that makes dreams of those with dementia a reality is giving the Borgs a chance to celebrate their love with family and friends at Trinity Lutheran Church. "We developed a program along with Second Wind Dreams called MOSAIC Dreams and its really finding out what would their best Day be. What would their dream be," said Paula Gibson, Regional Director of Communications and Engagement at Azura Memory Care.

Gibson says many community businesses pitched in the make the day possible for the special couple, down to the replication of Sue’s wedding bouquet and even the cake they ate the day they were married 54 years ago.

"Very fun day,” said Frank. During his time at the care facility, not a day goes by without a visit from Sue "Every day, different times of the day, usually after dinner,” said Sue.

Gibson says Frank lights up when Sue walks into his room. Franks health has been tough on the whole family so the ceremony was special to everyone. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as the couple exchanged vows for the second time.

"Words just don't describe all of this and when you combine what’s going on for Frank, health wise and as he is failing at a rapid pace…to see that he still has what he needs in his heart and what’s still so important to him in his life, even as he fails so quickly and he fails so far," said Frank’s brother John.

Family members say the disease began to impact Frank back in 2016 and continues to progress.

"He has dementia and so a lot of times people forget. He has not forgotten one moment of love that he has felt for her,” said Gibson. She says this dream wedding has allowed him to show love for his wife at a time where they both are losing so much but they can still be connected.

The couple says its love that keeps them going through this difficult time.