Local park gets a "plus" from local grassroots campaign

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A local park has already seen the start of what could be a big face lift in the coming months thanks to a grassroots campaign.

For years the Eastside Hill Neighborhood Association has advocated for continued development of Boyd Park in Eau Claire.

Because the city-owned land isn't slated for renovations for nearly another decade, the association launched the “Boyd Park Plus” project to raise funds for new development.

The project would create access to the Eau Claire River and a more inviting spaces in the park by replacing playground equipment, adding garden spaces and upgrading the prairie with an educational pollinator lab.

“We've got a lot of great energy behind us and we're really excited about the unknowns that are going to fall in place to make this work,” says Mark Ruddy, EHNA Steering Committee member.

With help from the Eau Claire Skaters Association, there is also a possibility for a new skate park.

“I feel like it's good for the skating community, for everybody to come ride their bikes and stuff,” says 12-year-old Lucas Barden.

The awareness campaign for “Boyd Park Plus” was launched about one month ago.

The initial goal is $10,000 for a conceptual plan and fundraising will likely continue into 2020. There is no word on when construction would begin.