Local parties react to Tony Evers sworn in as Wisconsin governor

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Now that Democrat Tony Evers has officially been sworn in as governor the major obstacle he will face is how well he’ll be able to work with the Republican controlled legislature.

Governor Evers will now be at the head of a state government that's divided along party lines.

Democrats are in every executive office and Republicans control both houses in the state legislature.

Which political analyst John Frank says makes his job of bringing both parties together all the more important.

Frank said, “The most important thing right now would be to issue an era of collaboration. Sit down, what can we agree on upfront? What are we going to disagree on but what can we agree on?”

Evers has spoken about bi-partisan cooperation since his election and did so again during his inaugural address.

Evers said, “It's about setting aside political interests and personal ambitions to working together on solving problems.”

Republicans hold a 63-36 majority in the Assembly and a 19-14 majority in the Senate so Frank says collaboration between both parties is necessary to prevent a gridlock.

Frank explained, “If they wait and the governor puts out his budget without any input from the Republicans and the Republicans put out their budget not withstanding what the governor puts out then we're probably looking at a lot of gridlock.”

Locally, Republican Party of Eau Claire County Chair Tara Balts says they’re also hoping to work together saying, “We are hopeful moving forward that Governor Evers will work closely with the Legislators and listen to the taxpayers of our state with decisions being made about taxes, education and etc. We are all in this together and we hope there can be a happy medium for us all.”

While Eau Claire Democrat Beverly Wickstrom says the party believes Evers will, “Prioritize the people of this state over special interests, work to protect the environment, ensure a strong public education system and provide equal opportunities for all Wisconsinites. “

Frank also says the shadow of the upcoming 2020 election will be over everything the state government does for the next two years.

He says especially given the fact Wisconsin will be one of only a few states who will decide who will be the next president of the United States.