Local polling places prepare for high volume of voters in November

Published: Aug. 15, 2018 at 5:34 PM CDT
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Voter turnout in the primary election was the highest it's been in over 15 years. Nearly 994,000 people voted in the primary out of 4.5 million voting-age adults.

With such a high voter turnout, some smaller towns, like the town of Lafayette, faced some challenges like ballot shortages.

Town of Lafayette had triple the number of voters during yesterday's election in comparison to the 2014 primary.

City and town clerks said they are making sure they are well equipped for the upcoming November election.

“For the November election, I will probably order 100 percent of registered voters for ballots,” said Bridget Givens, City of Chippewa Falls Clerk. "I expect a higher volume for November and we will prepare accordingly with having additional people working the polling places, additional registration, and individuals that day to help handle the volume."

The town of Lafayette had nearly 1,000 voters by the end of the night, which is an increase from their typical 400 average.

“Most people were saying it's a good thing that we ran out because people are out there voting,” said Town of Lafayette Clerk, Laura Konwinski.

Clerks say if you aren't registered to vote, it’s best to pre-register before the next election in November, for a smoother and quicker voting process.

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