Local professor speaks on Trump's immigration plan

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Controversial raids on illegal immigrants have dominated headlines.

A new rule from the Trump administration is cracking down on legal immigrants.

The new rule says residents with a green card, in the country legally, can lose their eligibility to stay in the U.S. if they accept any public assistance.

Officials with the Trump administration say the move will save Americans money, and help immigrants be more independent.

The policy change throws the status of about 400-thousand green card holders into question.

One professor at UW-Eau Claire says the effects of the change are negative.

Ryan weichelt, geography professor at UW-Eau Claire says, “It creates confusion for American citizens, it creates confusion for people that are here legally and those who are undocumented. It can create a sense of animosity toward different groups. Just by looking at people who appear non-white, who some people think of as immigrants, people are going to have different perceptions associated about that”.

The policy change officially goes into effect October 15th.