Local school gives students business experience

Published: Dec. 7, 2019 at 5:21 PM CST
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Austin Opatz and Aren Theisen are both juniors at North High School. Their business, Roasted and Ready Nut Company, started off as a club project. At the Lazy Monk Christmas Market in Eau Claire Saturday, Roasted and Ready was a popular product.

The business started after Opatz and Theisen went to the Distributive Education Clubs of America or DECA national conference last year.

This year, the pair decided to branch into entrepreneurship with Roasted and Ready. After purchasing nuts from the Weaver Nut Company, they did research to find flavors that do well on the market. Opatz and Theisen say all of the flavoring for their products from local merchants. They say Roasted and Ready has been a hit with their customers.

"We've got honey sriracha cashews, buffalo peanuts, regular honey roasted peanuts and cinnamon sugar almonds,” said Theisen. “We roasted them and flavored them with volunteers in the club, and all of our proceeds are going back to the club to pay for competitions from other people.”

“We've already sold a lot through B2B sales; business to business,” said Opatz. “We had people from class going to businesses and selling them, so we are kind of low on inventory.”

Opatz and Theisen say they don't have plans to expand their business after high school, but they did not rule out that possibility. Unfortunately, once Roasted and Ready sells out of product, they do not have plans to make more.

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