Local teen and teacher chosen for international science expedition

Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 6:25 AM CDT
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"I think seeing the ocean for the first time will be mindblowing," said Katie Feuker. "I'm super, super excited for that."

Katie is going to be a senior at Elmwood High School starting this fall, but this summer, she's trading in a week of her vacation to work with scientists in the Bahamas.

"I love science class and potentially would like to pursue a career in science," she said.

Katie, along with her science teacher Kristel Flesberg, are participating in a program through a nonprofit called Jason Learning.

"The focus is on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and building an appreciation for that while the students are in high school, so they can go to a college or find a career and be active in the science field," Kristel said.

For this international trip, Katie and Kristel will need their life vests as they'll be tracking sea turtles in the ocean! While both of them are preparing for the trip ahead, Katie has her eye out for another sea creature...

"I hope i don't encounter too many sharks," Katie said.

This will be Kristel's second time participating in the program, adding how great of an opportunity it is for their district.

"Elmwood School is a small district, but to send a student internationally and give them opportunity to participate with this level and these scientists, it's a huge opportunity for schools," Kristel said.

Kristel and Katie will be heading to the Bahamas for one full week in July.

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