Menomonie Police Department warns of counterfeit $100 bills

MENOMONIE, Wis. (WEAU) – Menomonie Police Department took to Facebook to warn about counterfeit $100 bills that have been going around.

They say these are washed $10 bills so they will pass the market tests.
Some tips from the police department on identifying these bills:

1. Check serial numbers if they are attempting to pass more than one $100 bill- are they the exact same? Each bill of the same denomination should have a DIFFERENT serial number.

2. Check the image on the right side of the bill by holding the bill up to the light. Does it match the face that is on the bill? It should be another image of Benjamin Franklin. The image pictured is Alexander Hamilton, who appears on the $10 bill.

3. Look for vertical security strip. On newer $100 bills (printed from 2013 on) the ribbon is blue, to the right of the portrait and is woven into the paper, not printed on it. On $100 bills printed prior to 2013, the security strip should be on the LEFT hand side of the portrait and is imprinted with 'USA' and '100' alternating.

On $10 bills, the security strip is to the RIGHT of the portrait and is imprinted with the words 'USA TEN' and a flag.

4. Is the ink on the ‘100’ in the lower right hand corner color-shifting ink? It should change colors when you tilt it and look at it in the light.

5. Use common sense- is the suspect using a $100 to try to pay for less than $10 worth of items?

If you think a bill may be counterfeit, contact us at 715-232-1283 to report this. Try to get a good description of the suspect(s) who passed or attempted to pass it, and vehicle information if possible.