Menomonie School District rolls out new curriculum database

Published: Sep. 4, 2018 at 4:53 PM CDT
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Parents in one area school district now have direct access to their child's curriculum and can review it online throughout the school year.

Menomonie School District says its new online curriculum database known as Build Your Own Curriculum will allow families to see what classes their kids are taking and know specifically what they'll be learning.

Assistant superintendent Brian Seguin said, “It's really intended to be a way to increase communication with parents throughout the course of the year.”

The district says teachers can also use the tool to better collaborate and communicate with each other

Seguin said the database will allow parents to see a brief overview of each course, the topics and the length of time each topic will be covered.

“Parents can go in and they can get a general understanding, of not only what's covered, but then how long that's going to be covered and what their students are going to be assessed on,” said Seguin.

The district says every single course is built into the database and can be searched for in one of three ways, either by department, keyword or grade level.

The district says the site can be found on the district's website and is easily accessible to everyone from parents to teachers.

Seguin added, “It helps with communication across grade level teams and through departments as new staff come on board and we make updates it really helps increase the efficiency of communicating those changes to our curriculum over the course of a year.”

The district says it's been using the database internally for around six years and adds that allowing parents to access it comes at no additional cost to the school.