Menomonie stands for George Floyd protests

Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 10:23 PM CDT
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"Say his name, George Floyd, say his name George Floyd."

Emotions ran high Wednesday evening in Menomonie. An opportunity for the community to protest and demand that our nation bring an end to the senseless violence and murders that continue to affect the black community including this group of UW-Stout students.

Alicia Gunderson who was at the peaceful protest says, "I'm glad we have people here that are standing with us and standing with George and everyone who's ever been with police brutality and you are with us, we are for you."

Kailey Dresel adds, "Some day we are going to be telling our kids and grand kids about this and I'm glad that we are part of it, using our voices and making a change."

Katie Trunkel who lives in Menomonie says, "It's just crazy to me that something happened so close to home but to see everyone support around the entire nation and around the entire globe is awesome."

Among the several hundred protesters that came out to show their support for the Menomonie stands for George Floyd was Menomonie Police Chief Eric Atkinson. He says he's very proud of the way people protested peacefully.

Menomonie Police Chief Eric Atkinson says, "You are seeing what Menomonie is all about, showing support for social justice and insuring criminal justice reform. As I said many times, someone who is not treated equally it is truly an injustice to every American here."

"And focus on the conversation at hand, and that's police brutality. And not having equality and and equity among all races. That's what the conversation should be about," says Menomonie's Keyshawn Carpenter.

And while there are now charges against all four former Minneapolis police officers, protesters say it's just one step toward justice for George Floyd.

"It's very significant, the video evidence was overwhelming, where in the past there has been some push and shove on who said what and what happened in the videos. This one was just blatant and I think the charges are a good step, but convictions are definitely going to seal this," says Menomonie's Michael Witter.