Merrill woman celebrates 110th birthday

Published: Jul. 18, 2018 at 11:19 PM CDT
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Charlotte Strehlow turned 110 years old Wednesday, and got quite the birthday party at Bell Tower Residence in Merrill.

"We've had a countdown for her 110th birthday for a while now. She was so excited about it, it's an honor to take care of somebody that's 110 years old that can express so much to you still," said Emily Winchell Bell Tower Residence Nurse.

There was ice cream, presents, and even bingo. A special day for someone celebrating a special birthday.

"They're all good. You have to help make them good," said Strehlow.

You may be wondering her secret to long life. Charlotte said that it’s enjoying the simple things.

"People never want to believe me. I've never wanted to be rich, doesn't make you happy,” Strehlow mentioned.

She also said you should have a little fun, too.

"Have a joke once in a while," Strehlow said.

Over the years staff members have loved having Charlotte in the residence, even if she can be a bit picky sometimes.

"One thing about Charlotte is that she does not drink water, white cranberry juice that's her favorite thing and coffee," said Winchell.

As she continues to live a long, fun life, Charlotte says there’s nothing left to accomplish on her bucket list. And she’s happy where she is right now.

"Oh I don't know about me. I like home, I like home," Strehlow said. ​