Moses Ark opens doors to help animals in Western Wisconsin

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 5:07 AM CDT
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After losing her husband to cancer, a Minnesota woman moved to Menomonie to turn their dreams into a reality. Her passion was animal rescue but after finding the perfect home in Menomonie for her dream, it turned into so much more.

A quiet country road just outside of Menomonie just got a whole lot busier and definitely louder, now that Moses Ark has moved into town.

“It’s exhausting,” said Kessea Moses who founded Moses Ark. “Most of the cats that we have here are from the streets; actually most of the animals I should say are from the streets,” Moses said.

She is taking in just about any dogs or cats that are in need of help. “It’s not just a rescue or sanctuary as far as adoptions goes,” she said. “We are here to help with any life situation they have going on.”

When an unexpected emergency comes up, she wants to be there for pet owners like they were there for her during tough times. “In 2014, I sold my business to help my husband start his dream, he wanted a workout facility well within 2 months he was actually diagnosed with cancer and we lost him 9 months later,” Moses said.

And during that time, people stepping up to help with her pets, made all the difference. “When my husband was sick I had the most incredible neighbors that came and walked my dogs and fed my dogs and I don’t know how I would have gotten through that, those 9 months with him, without my neighbors,” Moses said.

And now, she wants to return the favor. “It’s been slowly kind of evolving in that direction, we took the cat in for a month and we don’t charge anything, we do this out of the kindness of our hearts and off of donations,” Moses added. Even though she is still getting the rescue off the ground she has a little bit of help. “Kessea is so dedicated to keeping an eye on them and I am just kind of there to help and assist because she really knows what she is doing,” said Martin Davis, the vice president of the nonprofit.

And as much as the animals need Kessea, she also needs them. “I just need more emotional support animals,” she said. “I’m one of those people that loves being around animals and more of an introvert when it comes to people.”

She helps the animals stay healthy until they can return home or rescues them from the streets to helps them find their forever homes. “It’s hard but at the same time if we don’t say goodbye then we don’t have room to bring in more,” Mosses added.

She is living out her dream in honor of her husband. “It’s amazing, I know he is watching down and I know he is supporting it,” she said. Through her new journey, she is spreading so much unconditional love to all the animals that come to her home.

In addition to everything else she does for the animals she is also helping with trap, neuter and release of farm cats to help reduce the local cat population. If you are need of any of the services, want to donate or looking to volunteer at Moses Ark

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