Mt. La Crosse sees increase in visitors during holiday

LA CROSSE, Wi. (WEAU)-- Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a holiday observed by the United States and also a day that brings a lot of skiers to the slopes.

Mt. La Crosse is in its 60th season and has grown from a single A-frame to now having 19 runs.

They say this day is typically extra busy for them, weather permitting.

"It's a day away for kids and adults too," said Darcie Breidel, Mt. La Crosse general manager. "They know that they're going to have this day free, but it's not quite enough vacation to travel anywhere, so this is the perfect place to come. You don't have to leave your hometown to come and have some fun on a day off."

The resort opened its lift early for the holiday and saw a mixture of members and newcomers ready to step into their skis and snowboards.

"[We're expecting] upwards of 5-600 people, could be more than that," Breidel said. "We're just kind of getting going actually, we've been busy all morning and with conditions like this, we expect it to keep going all day."

The mixture of snow this past weekend and the sunshine Monday makes for great ski conditions, according to Mt. La Crosse.

Expecting so many skiers for the holiday required a little bit of extra prep for Mt. La Crosse employees.

"We plan to be busy on this day. We have a lot of staff on," Breidel said. "We know that our rental shop is going to be busy, we're selling out on lessons. People are wanting to come out and learn how today."

The Mount has now opened 11 of its 19 runs, the others requiring a little bit more powder.

This year, the resort says it's been a battle to make snow.

"We had a nice early start and then it warmed up for a little while. These last few days have been fabulous for snow making and we have been really happy about that," Breidel said. "We've been really working to get the steeps open. We've had crews going all night long, 24 hours a day getting snow made."

Mt. La Crosse is planning a 60th anniversary party event on February 29th with more details to follow.