NEW INFORMATION: USPS tells customers to track packages after semi fire

Courtesy: WisDOT, Wisconsin State Patrol
Courtesy: WisDOT, Wisconsin State Patrol(WEAU)
Published: Dec. 14, 2016 at 11:38 AM CST
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It's been busy lately at Pak Mail in Eau Claire and well as for manager Christopher Adrian.

"On an average day this time of the year, we get probably about 3 to 5 minutes of a break and then its current customers right after that,” he said to WEAU 13 News on Wednesday. “So, it's definitely a rat race.

“About 90% of the time, we get it out that same day. The only counterpoint to that is if it's things that need a lot of packaging. The only reason why we tell customers that it'll take another day it's just because, with the other packages that her back there – custom packages pretty much take up our whole work room – so that could add in another day or two in to that.”

Much of his day has him answering questions. But Tuesday’s fiery crash of a mail truck on Interstate 94 in St. Croix County had Adrian asking one big one.

"How many of my packages were on that truck?” he asked. “I should say not my packages, but our customers' packages that we shipped."

Adrian said 114 packages went out from his store on Monday, with about a quarter of them being tracked by the U.S. Postal Service. He said since Tuesday’s incident about three or four are still missing.

“We're still concerned because a lot of those ones that she tracked were mostly the West Coast, where the truck was inbound back this way,” he said. “So, then we worry about packages that people had sent from Eau Claire to Eau Claire or that we're going back down south. So we're not out of the woods but at least it's a little bit.

“Unfortunately, all we can instruct our customers to do is you know just keep tracking it. Usually they update in the morning and in the evening. So long as you keep a track on it so long as they see that it's moving it's a good sign. If there hasn't been an update at all, that's when we need to worry and then wait out the 15 days so that way they can process the claim to the post office.”

WEAU received comments Wednesday afternoon via email from Pete Nowacki with U.S. Postal Service corporate communications on Tuesday’s crash.

“The sanctity and safety of the mail is our primary concern, so we investigate to identify the mail as best possible and determine if any mail can be salvaged,” Nowacki said. “Those pieces are repackaged to deliver along with a letter of explanation. Unfortunately, in this case it appears we will not be able to salvage anything.”

Adrian sent out a notice to his customers Wednesday asking for help in figuring out if any of his packages were on the trailer and to keep tracking any packages they sent out.

All of this happening as Adrian keeps moving before the holidays get packed up.

"Friday of next week, it should taper off. But, then the beginning of the final week, it's going to be people doing returns and things like that or the people that visited and then they have to send all their stuff back as well," he said.

MINNEAPOLIS (WEAU) -- In wake of a semi fire that destroyed mail from western Wisconsin, the company is reaching out to customers who may have lost mail.

The fire happened Tuesday morning, near Hudson on I-94. No one was injured, but the US Postal Services says all the mail in the semi was destroyed. The Postal Service says the semi was carrying mostly Priority Mail packages originating in Minnesota and western Wisconsin, and possibly some First-Class Mail.

Customers who believe their mail or packages were on this semi should track their items. To track packages,

The US Postal Service says customers can file claims for loss using that same link.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, the semi was operated by Navigation Group Inc. from Downers Grove, Illinois. USPS says the semi was coming from the Twin Cities Network Distribution Center in Eagan, Minnesota on its way to Chicago.