National Socialist Movement gathering canceled

Published: Aug. 22, 2017 at 10:41 PM CDT
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Just days after a Neo-Nazi rally turned deadly in Charlottesville Virginia, murmurs of a National Socialist Movement were expected here in Eau Claire.

The event that has now been canceled originated with a post that has since been deleted from a national socialist affiliate, saying a meet and greet gathering was to be held at Phoenix Park on September 16th.

“The city didn't get an application for the event. Really what happened is what we became aware of a social media post where an event was being planned by an individual, regarding the National Socialist Movement,” says Eau Claire City Attorney Steve Nick.

Nick says in spite of recent events, the group would have the same right as any other organization to hold a public event.

“Events of any sort can be held. We're in a country that values free speech. We ask for outreach and an application and we never got that,” says Nick.

Former Wisconsin NSM representative Cory Klicko has since renounced his association with the group saying all associations and contacts are renounced and no longer in force.

In a statement Klicko says, “The meeting is no longer taking place and nothing is scheduled for the future. I do not believe any person on this earth is superior or inferior than others based on race or religion. I have cut ties with anyone who believes any differently.”

Community members I spoke with say Eau Claire has no place for that type of hate.

“Initially my thoughts were that I was fearful that it could happen in my hometown, however, I feel that this beautiful city is going to meet people like that with an even stronger force, and by force I mean in a peaceful way, to let them know that it's not something that's welcome here,” says Savana Milbee who lives in Eau Claire.

Klicko also told me that local Antifa members were contacted about the cancellation of the event, but are still upset that the event could happen.