New all-inclusive playground unites generations in Minnesota town

HOUSTON, Minn. (WEAU) -- Ed Littlejohn, and his entire 1966 Houston High School graduating class, have a special love for their hometown of less than 1,000 people.

"We as a class of 1966 are very proud of the accomplishments that this small town has been able to create," said Littlejohn.

More than a decade ago, the class found an old school bus that reminded them of their high school days.

After purchasing and decorating the bus, they say it became the unofficial mascot of Houston.

"Buses don't last that long so we figured, well let's figure out a way of creating a replica of the bus and putting it in the city park," said Littlejohn.

But after hearing from community members, the group decided not to stop there.

Instead creating Houston Mission 66, a brand new inclusive playground as well.

"It became a great project and a way to make it available for everyone. So there's going to be a swing here for physically challenged individuals and such. A wheelchair swing, stuff like that," says Houston City Council Member Tony Schultz. "So it was one of those things that kind of grew into something even better than what they had planned on originally."

The project is being funded through donations, but help is still needed.

While the project has gone from one small addition to an entire new playground, city officials say they are now in desperate need of volunteers to help put everything together.

"It's hard to get that many people during days when people have to work and stuff like that. Other people have things going on so wherever we can get groups, 4-H groups, church groups. Any kind of group that needs some volunteer hours, it would be great if they want to come in here and help. You don't have to be from Houston, you can be from one of the local communities and help put your mark on a small town," said Schultz.

Those interested in volunteering are asked to go the the Houston City Park May 1-5.

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